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Park It 3D: Dump Truck

44 Plays

Today in Park It 3D, you have to park the Dump Truck on the specified location and help the building progress faster. The Dump truck you drive is a .....

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Flight Simulator: Boeing 737-400

252 Plays

Flight Simulator: Boeing 737-400 is a good starter way to learn how the pilot works to fly the giant birds. You will play in various missions, from .....

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Hasty Cargo

(5.00 / 5 based on 1 votes)
161 Plays

In Hasty Cargo, you have to deliver the goodies to the customers safely using your truck. Drive the truck fast yet carefully, do not lost too much .....

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Plunder World

58 Plays

Plunder World is a water world full of trade ships to plunder. You will play as a pirate commander, your only mission is to sink those ships, loot .....

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(5.00 / 5 based on 1 votes)
113 Plays

Killstorm is your code-name in this dangerous mission. You are an ace helicopter pilot and now you are in a deadly mission, to destroy every enemy .....

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Monster Wheels 3D

225 Plays

Monster Wheels 3D is a fast, challenging and super fun monster truck racing game. You will compete with three other racers in every track, trying to .....

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62 Plays

Anoix is a new way to have fun with the classic Arkanoid game. It has the Arkanoid style game, you have to keep the ball in the game and destroy all .....

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Breach Of Death: The Bridge

159 Plays

Breach Of Death: The Bridge is a scary and thrilling defensive horror survival shooter game in which you must survive the night with tons of hungry .....

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Get To The Chopper

(2.50 / 5 based on 2 votes)
215 Plays

Speed up your monster truck and Get To The Chopper as fast as possible! You will drive a huge monster truck on various challenging tracks, your .....

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Hot Rod Bowling

82 Plays

Hot Rod Bowling is a fun car driving and bowling hybrid game. You will drive a hot rod car as fast as possible and hit the pins at the end of the .....

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